Hello, I’m Rui Mourato and this is my professional blog.

I work independently and do software for a living. It is my passion.

I started programming at around 12 years of age and, since then, I’ve grown playing with a number of things from OpenGL and C/C++ to the frustration of writing web pages when there was no such thing as standards, having fun developing embedded applications and seeing things “move”, writing Win32 desktop apps, then ASP.NET 2.0 and Web Services or .NET Winforms and even some WPF with P/Invoke in the mix, back to web with ASP.NET MVC, RESTful services and JavaScript SPA frameworks… not to mention all the typical SQL database design and programming on SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSql as appropriate for each application.

It is safe to say I’m well rounded and can tie things together in a sensible manner whatever the technology is.

I am certain my approach will evolve year by year as I keep adapting to new practices and you may come across that in my blog.

Contacting me

I love to work on challenging problems and having a good chat on anything technical or startup’y.

If you would like to ping me, follow me on Twitter @ruimourato or find me on LinkedIn.